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About Dave

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Hi, I'm Dave and I am the owner and instructor here at Music Lessons West. Many people want to know something about a business before they spend their money so this is about me. The picture here was taken on 10/25/23 so this is what I look like now. I have been teaching guitar for over 40 years. Yeah, I'm not a kid anymore. I've also been a professional musician for that long and like the picture shows I still do live shows on a regular basis. Music has been my only job for a few decades now and I am very thankful for that. It's the one thing I've never gotten tired of.


Most of my playing career has been with bands but I have also done a single act when I could. After Covid, I quit bands and started just doing my solo act. Another thing that I'm thankful for. Now I have a brand new video guitar lessons site called Video Guitar Lessons Online which you can check out here. Currently it is for beginners but new lessons are added regularly.


Thanks for stopping by,



For my students who have been asking to see me play. Here is a quick video  of some guitar solos at various gigs.

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