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Rates are based on a 30 minute lesson and are $25.00 each, except for the recording lessons which are one hour at $35.00 each. There is also a $25.00 refundable registration fee that can be used toward your final lesson or refunded when you discontinue taking lessons at Music Lessons West. All lessons fees are paid every four weeks, 12 weeks or 26 weeks. There are discounts for pre-paying 12 or 26 weeks in advance. The maximum you can pay for at one time is 52 weeks (one full year). Lessons can be paid for with cash, check or online by credit card via Paypal. There are credit card payment links below for your convenience. If you'd like we can even send you a monthly invoice with a pay now link to make it even easier.

Instrument Lessons: First four weeks plus last lesson = $125.00

Instrument Lessons: $25.00/ lesson (paid every four weeks at $100.00) 

Audio Recording & Music Production (paid every four weeks)

Basic Music Fundamentals: $25.00/ lesson (paid every four weeks

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