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Beginner Banjo

The banjo is one of the happiest sounding instruments there is. It's also the official instrument of the USA. I'll bet you didn't know that. It's hard to make a banjo sound angry or sad. Maybe that's why it isn't as popular today as it was in years gone by. It just doesn't lend it's self well to scream'o or techno etc....

Well the banjo is still very much alive and well at Music Lessons West. If your a beginner and need some direction or you just love the banjo and would like to learn how to play it, beginner banjo is a great place to start. We'll start you off with the basics and before you know it you'll be pickin' Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Dueling Banjo's and Cripple Creek.

Banjo pickers are a proud bunch and you can find them at get togethers all over the country. There's even some great websites dedicated to just banjo.  When you're ready learn how to play the banjo, give Music Lessons West a try. We'll have a great time.

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